Our promise

Here at Ultimate Clean we take pride in our work and our work is always guaranteed. 

That means that we aim to meet your expectations on the first try, we do not want to hold you up having to make multiple trips when we can get it right the first time.  However, if for any reason anything is not up to your standards please contact us and we will come and reclean the area in question free of charge.  Every client has the option to check out our standard check-list and adjust if needed.  Anything on the check-list is guaranteed.  Things not on the check-list will not be guaranteed as they are not included.

Why choose Ultimate Clean?

Ultimate Clean is a locally owned small business who values their clients and their reputation in the community.  Ultimate Clean provides all supplies and equipment.  We use clean supplies and equipment in each home.  We are reliable, trustworthy, honest and work hard to get the job done.  We do not cut corners and have a passion for cleaning everything to the best standards possible.  By supporting Ultimate Clean you are also supporting a local family and we greatly appreciate your support! 

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