Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a guarantee for your service?

Yes.  I aim to please each and every client.  I have a checklist available for every service I offer so clients know exactly what to expect for the service they request.  If you are unsatisfied with the service, please contact us within 24 hours and we will reclean the area free of charge.  Only services on the checklist are guaranteed. (i.e., if you ask for a basic vacation turn-over cleaning which does not include baseboards I do not guarantee the baseboards will be cleaned, as it is not included in the package of your choice).  If you need a modified checklist to fit your needs, you will be provided with a checklist of what will be done, work will only be guaranteed for items on the revised checklist.

Are you insured?

YES!  We have a general liability policy and wouldn't work without it.  Although we treat every property with respect and are careful not to break anything, but in the event that an accident does occur, we have insurance to cover it.

Do you have workers comp. insurance?

Not at this time, as I do not currently have any employees and have my own health insurance.  In the future, if I choose to hire any employees then I would purchase a worker's comp policy to cover them. 

Do you offer same day cleaning?

It's possible!  Please call and ask me about my availability, I just may be able to squeeze you in.

What hours do you clean? 

I am a homeschooling mother of 5 so I generally leave for work around 4pm and work until all jobs are complete, which is why I specifically clean unoccupied homes.

Do you offer regular cleanings for occupied homes?

Not really.  As stated above I do homeschool my children during the daytime and that is my top priority.  However, if you are okay with having your home cleaned after 4pm then we can probably work something out.  Generally, I stick to unoccupied homes since my schedule isn't a great fit for normal cleaning hours.

Do you offer price matching?

No.  A lot of cleaners do not buy insurance and can make profit off of lower priced cleanings.  Every company has different overhead costs.  Mine are a little higher because I want to ensure that your property is protected in case of an accident.  I also buy some new supplies for each house, because I think it is disgusting to use dusters, pumice stones, sponges, and toilet brushes in multiple homes.  So, it's a tradeoff you likely can find someone cheaper, but they may not be insured or bringing new items to your home.  It's up to you who you choose. So, I typically do not offer price matching or change my prices.  However, feel free to ask.

Do you have a clean background?

Yes, I can provide a background check at your request.

Will you work with other companies?

Of course!  If your company needs help having cleaning done after doing a job, we are more than willing to help you out.  I will even help out other cleaning companies if they need some back up.  Contact Us and we can probably work something out.  We also work with property management companies, if you would like to put us on your vendor list contact us and we will send over our W-9 and COI asap.


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