Apartment Turnovers

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This is a full deep clean of every room and every surface to ensure that the home in ready for new tenets.  Included:  Dusting walls and ceilings for cobwebs, light fixtures, light switches, outlet covers, vent covers, mirrors, windows, doors, trim work, baseboards, countertops, outside of cabinets, outside of appliances, backsplash, inside/outside of toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, blinds, shelving/mantles (other misc surfaces).  Click here for our checklist.

What are your rates?

Rates are based on the size of the home and how dirty it is.  Here is a guideline to help you determine the cost.

*Discounts for multiple units or repeat clients, contact us and let's negotiate if this applies to you

Mild: $.16/sqft

This is the most common situation.  If the house is mildly dirty it may have crumbs, dust, fingerprints, toilet rings, tub rings and/or hard water stains.  A house in mild shape may require minimal elbow grease in a few places (usually the bathrooms and kitchen).

Moderate: $.25/sqft

If the house is in moderately dirty it may have up to one trash bag worth of trash, hard to clean food and drink spills, iron-stained tubs/toilets/sinks, pet hair.  These homes require excessive elbow grease in about half of the house (usually the bathrooms and kitchen).

Severe: $.45/sqft

These houses look as if they were the after effect of a hoarder situation or seem to have never been cleaned before and may include situations that cause maggots, more than 1 trash bag of trash, nicotine covered walls, excessive rodent droppings (a few droppings in closets, pantry, cabinets, ect. from a mouse or two is not what is referred to as "excessive").  These houses require extra elbow grease on most of the home.

Add-On Services

Inside Fridge: $15

Inside Cabinets: $10

Inside Oven: $45

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